Blackmores Bilberry Eye Support 30 Tablets Kesehatan Mata

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Blackmores Bilberry Eye Support 30 Tablets mengandung ekstrak standar kualitas tinggi bilberry liar Eropa untuk mendukung kesehatan mata. Setiap tablet standar untuk mengandung 16,2 mg anthocyanosides aktif, bahan aktif yang memberikan tindakan antioksidan.

Blackmores Bilberry Eye Support contains a high quality standardised extract of wild European bilberries to support eye health. Each tablet is standardised to contain 16.2 mg of active anthocyanosides, the active ingredient providing antioxidant action.

Blackmores Bilberry Eye Support helps support healthy eye and retinal function. Blackmores Bilberry Eye Support also helps to support healthy blood vessels of the eye. The microcirculation of the eye is important in helping nourish the eye and bilberry may help by providing support to the integrity and strength of the eye's small capillary walls. The eye tends to have a high amount of oxidation due to it's high polyunsaturated fatty acid content, and the lens being directly exposed to light. Bilberries are a dark blue and purple berry that contain a range of antioxidant compounds. Antioxidants reduce damage that may occur due to oxidation. The antioxidants in Blackmores Bilberry Eye Support help support eye health and the maintenance of general wellbeing.

Blackmores Bilberry Eye Support contains a standardised extract of bilberries providing 16.2 mg of the active ingredient, anthocyanosides, per tablet. This high quality extract is sourced from wild European bilberries, especially selected for the rich source of anthocyanosides.