Beaute Sante Laboratories Caloreseta x Charcoal 180 capsules JAPAN

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Beaute Sante Laboratories Caloriceta x Charcoal 180 capsules

Activated carbon Power charcoal cleans Phase 2 (white bean extract extract) manufactured by PharmaChem Inc. Regular use 【Nutritional supplements】 Three selected charcoal coconut shell activated carbon Akamatsu charcoal bamboo charcoal

● Topical coconut shell active charcoal, Akamatsu charcoal, bamboo charcoal, plus three charcoals are added to Phase 2 (white kidney bean extract manufactured by US Pharmachem Co., Ltd.)
● Support refreshing daily with charcoal adsorption power 
● A diet's strong ally "indigestible dextrin" (dietary fiber) also luxurious formula 

How to eat :
Please enjoy as it is without chewing with water etc. with 6 tablets / 9 grains per day as a guide.