Barlean's, Brevail Plant Lignan Extract, 30 Capsules

Barlean's, Brevail Plant Lignan Extract, 30 Capsules

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Barlean's, Brevail Plant Lignan Extract, 30 Capsules
• Dietary Supplement
• Non-GMO

For the support of:
• PMS, Mood & Menopause
• Healthy Breast Tissue
• Healthy Estrogen Balance

Proactive Breast Health, PMS and Menopause Support
Brevail is all for all women interested in maintaining optimal breast health and/or, nutritional support for common PMS and menopausal discomforts- all naturally, with just one capsule per day.
Breast & Hormonal Health as Nature Intended
Brevail supplies lignans, natural compounds, ingested in seeds, grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables throughout human history.

Research suggests that our bodies use natural plant lignans, now sparse in the modern diet, to safely and gently buffer and balance excess estrogens.

Brevail was university researched and developed to increase lignan concentrations in the body to match levels found in women who collectively demonstrate and extraordinary history of breast health and hormonal balance.
Brevail is one-of-a-kind natural plant extract supported by university research for safety and efficacy in women.

Suggested Use:
One capsule per day taken with juice or water, with or without meals.