Baby Foot Easy Pack 30 minutes Type M Size

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Baby Foot Easy Pack 30 minutes Type M Size
● Just by immersing your feet in a footpan filled with gel lotion containing fruit acid for 30 minutes, rinse off and rinse it for 2 days after use. About 3 weeks later, the horny nature of the old foot becomes detached naturally. 
● Fruit acid used as a component of chemical peeling penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum, it acts on the adhesion layer between the old and damaged horny layer and the healthy dermis layer, making it easier to peel off. Horny naturally falls due to skin turnover, so there is no pain. 
● Since the entire foot is immersed in lotion, you can care overall from the fingers and fingers that can not be carefully pretty and to the horny quarters of rubbing against rubbing. 
● Mandarin Orange fragrance realizes a comfortable feeling that makes your heart relaxed comfortably. 

How to use :
1. Please wear a foot pack with the sole of the foot clean, such as a bath rise. 
2. Please fasten the loose part around the ankle with the attached tape. Please wait for 30 minutes as it gels penetrate the sole of the foot sufficiently. Be careful not to tear the foot pack when walking. 
3. After taking off the foot pack, please wash off the gel attached to your foot well with a shower. As your skin becomes sensitive after use, please keep moist with non-alcoholic lotion etc. (Rinse thoroughly so that the gel does not remain in the bathroom, etc.)
4. After use, the skin may be stuck and dry and become white. Friction such as daily walking and the like starts old keratin. It is about 2 - 7 days to start, but it may take up to 10 days due to individual differences. (While you are leaving, please spend your natural condition without putting anything on the sole, please moisturize with non-alcohol lotion etc, especially if drying is worrisome.)