Asahi Slim Up Slim Clean Eating Supplement 90 Tablet JAPAN DIET

Asahi Slim Up Slim Clean Eating Supplement 90 Tablet JAPAN DIET

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Sensation that combines healthy ingredients with its own balance.

"Clean Eating" is as close to nature as possible, picking up good ingredients for the body, incorporating in the American style of meal style. Based on that idea, we blended healthy ingredients with no additives (fragrance, coloring, preservatives) such as vegetables and fruits with our own balance.
Dosage : 3 Tablet per day

【Raw materials】

Kiwi fruit juice powder, reduced palatinose, sweet potato powder, defatted rice bran end, grapefruit juice powder, spores lactic acid bacteria powder, Okara end (including soybeans), plant fermented extract powder (Orange · walnut · sesame · soybeans · Banana · apple), cereal fermented extract powder (including wheat), powder of almond powder, blueberry juice powder, powder of bactericidal lactic acid bacteria powder, avocado powder, powdery end powder, young leaves of barley, powder of young leaves, powder of spinach, powder of spinach powder, , Sweet corn late, mulberry leaf end, broccoli end, tomorrow leaf end, sesame young leaf end, large leaf end, onion sweet, sweet potato leaf powder, sweet potato powder, goyaan / cellulose, silicic acid Ca, stearic acid