Amazing Formulas HMB 2,000 MG - 60 Servings - Supports Lean Muscle Mass - Boosts Workout Recovery Time -120 Count

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Brand: Amazing Nutrition


  • SUPPORT THE HEALTH OF YOUR MUSCLES With HMB supplements, you can feed your body a healthy dose of nutrients to promote the breakdown of leucine in the body after a workout, helping to reduce the amount of muscle waste
  • ENJOY LEANER MUSCLES These HMB supplements, for men and women alike, may help you build leaner muscles in order to help you make the most out of your workouts
  • RECOVER SWIFTLY FROM INTENSE WORKOUTS These make great HMB supplements for women and men who'd like to boost their recovery time after workouts so they can return to their routine on schedule
  • SAFE FOR MOST DIETARY LIFESTYLES This is the best HMB supplement for those on restrictive diets, as it is free from milk, lactose, gluten, soy, yeast, wheat, sodium, fish and sugar
  • SAFELY MANUFACTURED You can enjoy peace of mind knowing these HMB bulk supplements were made in GMP certified facilities in the United States

Details: HMB is a compound that helps metabolize leucine, an important amino acid needed for muscle health and integrity. HMB may help reduce the waste of lean muscles during intense workouts helping to build and retain lean muscles in a more efficient manner. * HMB may also promote swift recovery from training sessions. * The Amazing Formulas HMB Dietary Supplement provides 1000 mg of HMB in each of the 120 capsules per container. PROMOTES HEALTHIER LEAN MUSCLE MASS HMB dietary supplements may serve ideal for those looking to build up lean muscle mass. * HMB is a precursor for the amino acid, leucine. Through leucine, muscles may remain stronger for longer and may build up more swiftly. * REDUCES WASTE OF LEAN MUSCLES Amazing Formulas HMB Dietary Supplement may also be able to reduce muscle waste during an intense workout session; promoting healthier, lean muscle mass. * ASSISTS IN SWIFT WORKOUT RECOVERY With HMB Dietary Supplement, you may find that your muscles experience less soreness and fatigue after workouts. * The swift recovery period will have you feeling your best and ready to get back out there and perform. *

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