AL MASNOON qust al hindi (indian costus root) 100 GRMS. (NOT POWDERED)

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  • Quantity: 100 grams

  • It is pure and natural

  • It is used for treatment of illness

Part Number: costus root

Details: al masnoon qust al hindi root 100 grm pure & natural . HEALTH BENEFITS OF COSTUS ROOT Treat Fever. It increases heat in the body. Reduces blood pressure. Reduces fat. Fights infection. It reduces inflammation. This herb relieves pain well. It treats skin diseases. There are essentially two types of Qust, Indian (Qust al Hindi) and Marine/Sea (Qust al Bahri). Both come in the form of a dried root and Qust has a praised high status in the aHadith which is on par with Hijama cupping. Imam Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah (rahimullah) said that both types of Qust provide considerable medicinal benefits. Qust is one of the remedies to always have at home which I must recommend to all my brothers and sisters who are serious about using Tibb an Nabawi to treat themselves and their loved ones. Qust is hot and dry in the third degree and helps to dry out excess phlegm, help to remedy colds and influenza and nasal congestion. Imam Ibn Al Qayyim said that drinking an infusion of Qust helps strengthen the liver and helps to remedy weakness of digestion, slackness of the stomach, and if used as an ointment, it helps backache or rheumatic pain in the lumbar region. Sea/Marine Qust is a little paler in colour and also milder in taste and more suitable for administering to children. 

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