Universal Nutrition, CLA, 90 Softgels

Universal Nutrition, CLA, 90 Softgels

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Universal Nutrition, CLA, 90 Softgels
• Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplement
• Stimulant-Free
• Supports Healthy Metabolism
• Optimum Purity and Potency

Who We Are Universal Nutrition has been providing cutting edge and staple nutritional supplements to bodybuilders and hard training athletes the world over since 1977. As time passes, certain ideals never go out of style. Honesty. Integrity. Respect. These are the values we uphold and are the bedrock upon which we built our business.

What It Is Each Universal CAL softgel contains 800mg of high quality conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Certain studies suggest that CLA may help reduce body fat and increase lean mass. In other words, CLA may support lean body composition. In addition, CLA has a positive effect on immune system, antioxidant status and can act as a nutrient repartitioning agent.

How We Back It Up What is on the label is in the bottle and what is in the bottle will help you reach your goals. We believe it and proudly stand behind every product we manufacture. Our word is our bond.

Suggested Use
Dosage: Take 1-2 Universal CLA softgels 3 times per day with meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.