Cellpure Peeling Form 150mL

Cellpure Peeling Form 150mL

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Water, glycolic acid, ethanol, PEG-8, sodium hydroxide, arginine, pentylene glycol, PG, glycerin, BG, olefin C 14 - 16 sodium sulfonate, cocamidopropyl pentane, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, salicylic acid, polysorbate 20 , 1,2-hexanediol, grapefruit peel oil

Publisher: Frontier Corporation

Product information
Cleansing Peeling 
Cosmetic skin dentist stuck to materials and effects 
The skin pure gentle aging care concept is Cell pure. 
Glycolic acid, salicylic acid, vitamin C derivative is a full-bodied peeling agent. 
Wash your face where acne or rough skin is concerned or use it as a foam pack about once a week. 
Models and celebrities are also featured in the media, magazines, and much more.