Quality of Life Labs, Curcumin-SR, 30 Vegicaps

Quality of Life Labs, Curcumin-SR, 30 Vegicaps

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Quality of Life Labs, Curcumin-SR, 30 Vegicaps
'' Healthy Aging
'' 12-Hour Sustained Release
'' Faster Absorption
'' 10x Greater Bioavailability
'' Gradual Release Into The Bloodstream
'' Dietary Supplement
'' Vegan
'' Gluten Free
'' No GMO
'' This Product is Suitable for Vegetarians and is Gluten-Free

Curcumin is one of the most promising ingredients for promoting a healthy response to inflammation, which is often attributed to physical exertion.

Unfortunately, curcumin is poorly absorbed and rapidly excreted, requiring large, continuous doses to achieve an effect.
Curcumin-SR is unique in that it delivers curcumin in a special micronized, sustained-release matrix.

This mean that it is released over time, stays in the blood longer, and is therefore active longer than regular curcumin.
Clinical research shows that compared with regular curcumin, Curcumin-SR is absorbed faster, has 10x greater bioavailability, and delivers sustained release over 12 hours.

Suggested Use:
1 vegicap daily with a meal.